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Gift an experience

...for a moment of happiness or to celebrate a special occasion...

There are many requests that have always reached us in order to be able to excite someone dear; we have therefore created this section of our site ad-hoc to allow you to give a food and wine experience from us, with maximum flexibility as regards the choice of the day, the menu, the wines and/or the available budget.

We offer you our "Tasting" packages to which you can combine the guests' favorite bottle, choose a paired tasting itinerary of glasses or let our Staff guide you.

Contact us without hesitation, to give emotions...

You can choose between:

A Tasting Voucher

Gift Voucher Sucar Brusc Mantua Restaurant

A Value Voucher
(minimum €100)


Gift Voucher Request Form:


Looking forward to your interest, your request for your voucher is being processed !

Or you can write us directly to the mail to be guided in the best possible way for the creation of the gift.

Payment can be made by credit card or by bank transfer.

Glad for your interest in us.

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