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The History

Bordo seduta ristorante Sucar Brusc Mantova tappi vino bollicine

The name

Sücar Brüsc: from  the manutan dialect, means “acid sugar”. This expression was coined by the mantuan people to identify the SALT; given the similarity with sugar in appearance, consistency and color, they decided to call it "Sücar" (sugar), but with the addition of the adjective "Brüsc" (sour, acid) to highlight the diversity of flavor.

The slogan "Magnar e Bevar" means, always in mantuan dialect, “eat and drink”.

Ps: there are also, at least, other two meanings for “Sücar Brüsc”…!

soffitto storico ristorante Sucar Brusc mantova

In 1919, on December 3rd, these walls, which made up an armory, were devastated by fire by the rioters.

For this reason, here Cesare Fretta died, a famous mantuan gunsmith, whose bust is affixed to the external wall of Sücar Brüsc, in memory of that tragic event.


The ceiling beams still observe the signs of what happened and can be seen for the typical soot-like color of burned wood (entry room). 

Every year, on December 3rd, we celebrate this memory organising an event dedicated to the Mantuan’s merchants.

Tavoli, quadri ed orologi al ristorante Sucar Brusc mantova

The Local Today: "Mantuanity"

Sücar Brüsc, born at the beginning of 2019, cooks all its traditional dishes in “his own house”, but it perfumes of mantuanity, as well as in the kitchen, even in every corner of its dining room on the roof are shown the most common local proverbs, written in dialect in the new dining room (opened in December 2021) dialectal words and their meanings in italian language.

Moreover, given the “vastness” of the mantuan territory... on one of our walls there are several clocks showing the "time zones" of the main districts of the city.


… and if you are so curious to know more about, ask us! 

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